Terms & Condition
a- Brands:
• “HA Supply” is the Official Dealer/Distributor/Representative of “Busch Jewelry Tools” and “Tronex Precision Tools” in Lebanon. All authorized “HA Supply” Brands are clearly displayed below the Brand Logo.
• In order to make “HA Supply” a one stop shopping destination for all our customers needs, we have provided our online service to Dealers/Distributors/Representatives of different Brands under a joint partnership agreement between “HA Supply” and their respective Agents/Representations’ in Lebanon.
• All Brands from our partners are clearly displayed with the Title “Reseller” at the bottom of the Brand Logo.
• We can also supply our customers with their requirements of different products that are not available in our online store. If the requested product or brand is not available please contact our Information team with details of the desired product/brand and we will be happy to assist you.
b- Important:
• Please read the description of each item before placing an order.
• Please be aware of the correct size & color required. Be careful while selecting, as exchanges & refunds are not accepted.
• Unless otherwise stated prices are in US Dollars and per piece.
• Unless otherwise stated the Shank size for Steel/Carbide Burs is 2.35mm
• Unless otherwise stated all sizes are in mm
• Information based on “Application” or “Use” is not conducted by “HA Supply” and we are not liable for any undesired result thereafter. The information is obtained by third party sources or from people who have used the item before.
• “HA Supply” operating hours are weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. During official Lebanese Holidays “HA Supply” will be closed and orders pending delivery shall be released the following work day; during such times orders may be placed and confirmation or rejection notified depending on the date, time, availability of staff & nature of Holiday.
c- Shipping:
• For shipping services we provide our customers with a variety of shipping carriers to choose from. The cost is dependent on the carriers’ expenses and we have no influence on the charges. We deliver the goods to the specified carrier of the customer’s choice and after which we are not responsible for any damage or delay related to shipping & handling, or any customs charges that might arise when entering countries.
• Once the goods are handed over to the carrier we will inform the customer of the tracking number, if available, in order to trace and follow up on their shipment.
• For international shipping, goods shall be released for shipment twice daily, once in the morning and once around noon. Any orders confirmed after these times shall be released the following work day.
d- Delivery:
• Delivery services are only available inside Lebanon. We deliver via Aramex Carrier, Liban Post or Private Delivery Service team depending on the request of the Customer and payment method. Once the goods are handed over to the chosen carrier we are no longer responsible to any damage caused to the package or delay. The tracking numbers, if applicable, will be provided to the customers once they become available.
• Local deliveries are released three times daily depending on time and location. First release shall be in the morning 8:00 am, the second at 12:00 pm and the third at 3:00 pm. Any orders confirmed after the specified release times, will be released at the following scheduled departure or the following work day. Please note that the delivery by Aramex Carriers will arrive during the next work day and not same day delivery.
• Customers can also opt for our “Pick Up” service, where the customer chooses our location as a place to pick up their order. Please be advised that the order must be placed and final invoice received in order to be eligible for this service.
e- Packing:
• We reserve the right to repack products in a way that is most efficient, secure and would be beneficial (shipping costs wise) for the customer in regards to volume and weight of the parcel.
• The shipping Charges will be sent by email to the customer along with the final confirmation email before the customer proceeds with the payment.
f- Payment:
• Please be advised not to send any payments via Bank Transfer or Western Union without receiving a final confirmation letter or Invoice from the sales department (Sales@HASupply.com.lb) which, may or may not, include the shipping charges or any other charges from items whose costs are provided on Demand.
• We provide different methods for payment such as Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Payment on Delivery. Other methods are in development. If the Pick up option is chosen the customer may choose either of the payment methods mentioned above or opt to settle their Invoice on pick up.
• When choosing Bank Transfers the details shall be provided in a follow-up email by our Sales division (Sales@HASupply.com.lb). Please keep in mind that when choosing B/B transfers a few days are necessary for the amount to be received.
• For Bank Transfers and Western Union “HA Supply” will notify the customer of the charges in the final invoice/confirmation. The charges added by “HA Supply” represent the charges needed to receive the amount, in Lebanon, as net. Please keep in mind transfer charges from your end when making a payment in order that the net amount reaches “HA Supply” so that your order may be released smoothly.
• “HA Supply” reserves the right to withhold the release of the goods if the net amount stated in the final confirmed invoice is not received. In such cases the customer shall be contacted and informed of their options.
• As for payment on Delivery the customer is responsible to pay the amount upon receiving the package from the selected carrier, otherwise the shipment shall not be handed over to the customer.
• For International Customers please keep in mind the exchange rates, as all our prices are in US Dollars.
g- Order Processing:
• Once the customer proceeds with the checkout he/she will receive an email stating that the information has been sent and is pending approval.
• For International orders please allow up to 48 hours for your order to be confirmed as we check availability in stock of the ordered items, during this time “HA Supply” reserves the right to deny/cancel any order without prior notice, the customer is responsible to check their personal page to follow up on the process.
• For our customers in Lebanon please allow up to 4 hours before receiving any information or confirmation from our Sales team.
• As demand for certain items is often high, “HA Supply” or its partners may be out of stock of those items, when an order is placed and the item requested is not available the customer shall be notified by email, or by phone (if applicable) of alternatives or cancelation of that specific item if no alternative is available.
h- Information:
• All information provided when registering for an account is safe and shall not be distributed to any third party. Some information may be used for statistical purposes in order to improve our service.
• Emails may be sent from our “Info” team under email address: Info@HASupply.com.lb if new important information or offers that concern the customer is available.
• “HA Supply” reserves the right to cancel an account at any time without prior notice or providing a reason. Any misuse, or misconduct, of our online service shall warrant a cancelation.
i- Registration Process:
• Customers must register with their email addresses in order to be eligible for placing an order. Adding a Phone number is preferable. After completing the required fields the customer shall receive an email confirming his registration status, this process may take up to 48 hours or more in certain cases, as the information is sent for review by our IT department, to protect the site from potentially harmful suspected addresses.
• Once the account is confirmed from our end, the customer is free to place orders with ease and can also monitor the status of his/her order, as well as check the history of each previous order.
• The customer is also able to send the goods to another location by adding a new address before proceeding to checkout. The new address shall also be under review, as some items are under certain obligations and cannot be shipped freely.
j- Content:
• Some Images seen on the web store are under copyright protection based on the laws and regulations governed in Lebanon. Any duplication or use of any content shall be pursued to the full extent of the law.
• Some images are the property of their respective manufacturers and are used under license/agreement from the manufacturer or their respective agent/dealer/distributor in Lebanon.
• Contents displayed from our partners Brands are the full responsibility of the provider/partner, under their approval. “HA Supply” is not responsible for any of the information or illustrations from the partners brands.
• Images Displayed are for Illustration purposes only, and to provide our customers with an idea of the item they wish to purchase. Sometimes color, shape and quality may vary.
• Changes done to our terms & conditions page may be performed without prior notice.
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