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  • HA Supply was established in the year 2015, with a staff having a rich history in the field of jewelry tool supplies. 
  • In 2016 HA Supply launched the first online store dedicated to supplying jewelry tools & supplies in Lebanon.
We are an establishment specialising in supplying jewelry tools & supplies to professional and hobbyists in Lebanon. We are authorised distributors of multiple well known brands that produce high quality tools, and have also partnered with different agents in Lebanon that represent other rival companies, in order to be able to supply our customers with a wide range of products that are located in the market and to make HA Supply a one stop shop for all your needs. 
We are the first online store dedicated to supplying jewelry tools & supplies in Lebanon, and with our unique delivery services we hope to save our customers from the burden of losing countless productive hours beeing stuck in traffic.
Our staff is well experienced, multi-lingual and can help you with your inquiries.
We strive to achieve the needs of our customers at the best prices possible. We also work to pair every customer with the right quality and type of tool in order to produce intricet and beautiful works of art and jewelry that simbolise creativity, passion, and precision.
Our Vision is to become one of Lebanons' Leading Suppliers of jewelry tools & supplies.
Our goal is also to expand our field into multiple new domains, the most recent beeing the Dental and Esthetician fields. 
With a dedicated team and the passion to move forward we will be launching new projects & services within the few coming years.
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